Authorities prevented PTI members from organising a rally at Sialkot’s CTI ground on Saturday morning, stating that law officials used tear gas and baton charges to disperse party activists who were fighting the action.

The demonstration was supposed to take place later in the day.

People mounted on a stationary crane in what looked to be an attempt to block police from destroying structures erected in preparation for the gathering, according to television video. Tear gas clouds could also be seen in the video.

DPO Hasan Iqbal, who was present at the scene, informed reporters that the local Christian community had protested to staging the gathering on their property.

“As you are aware, we are now standing on Christian communal property. They had petitioned the Supreme Court, requesting that no political rally be staged on the grounds “According to Iqbal, the high court then asked the Sialkot deputy commissioner to hear both sides and resolve the issue.

According to the DPO, “political party officials and Christian community representatives visited yesterday, and the former accepted that the ground belonged to the Christian community.”

He went on to say that the “political party’s representatives” had asked for permission to organise the protest, but the community had refused.

He said that the deputy commissioner had also suggested alternate locations for the demonstration. “We have stated unequivocally that we are not opposed to any political action. Rallying is a legal and constitutional right. However, forcibly convening a protest on the land of a minority population without due process would be inappropriate “According to DPO Iqbal.

“Then we came here and informed them we could assist them find a new venue. What occurred after that is visible to you.”

He stated that “it is not our job to make arrests or to disrupt the demonstration.” “Our responsibility is to carry out the deputy commissioner’s directions, which were issued in accordance with the law and in response to the high court’s judgement.”

In response to a concern regarding containers blocking highways, the DPO stated that a “political party” had sought parking space. “We haven’t closed any highways,” he insisted.

Meanwhile, there were rumours of PTI members being arrested, but no quick official confirmation.

When queried about the situation, the DPO did not provide a definitive answer, instead stating that information will be provided in an official version.

He said, “police had done nothing in the ground, and it is the sellers who are removing it.”

Dar claimed in a video message that he was speaking from a “prison vehicle” after being arrested on the ground.

Dar claimed in a video message that he was speaking from a “prison vehicle” after being arrested on the ground.

“They assume that placing us in this prison van or jail will keep our love… for the captain in check. Hear me out: put us in jail, and we will return to the freedom movement, holding another demonstration. This storm is not going away. “This enthusiasm will not fade,” he added, adding, “we stand with Imran Khan.” “..

Dar continued: “We will face incarceration while being committed to our commander, Imran Khan. And pay attention: we will be released from jail and stage another march in Sialkot. Our leader will return to Sialkot. And, led by Imran Khan, we will eternally bury this imported administration, these American puppets “Dar said.

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