ISLAMABAD – As part of the Pakistan Talent Hunt Program, Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan chose to designate 2022 as the Year of Youth.

On December 6, the government will begin Pakistan’s largest talent search campaign.

According to reports, the Prime Minister summoned Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs Usman Dar for a briefing on the Talent Hunt programme preparations.

The government has also contacted prominent world athletes for this reason, and they have been offered to teach Pakistani potential according to international standards.

Federal Minister Dr. Fahmida Mirza, on the other hand, said during a press conference with Special Assistant Usman Dar, “Together we will take the sports sector forward, sports activities are being increased, sports complexes are being mobilised across the country, and students from universities will participate in these games.”

Usman Dar stated that he will offer complete opportunity for Pakistan’s young to advance in the area of sports, that sports culture will be developed in Pakistan, that 200,000 kids will be granted technical training, and that 100,000 youth have already received technical training.

“We will never leave the young of Sindh alone,” Usman Dar added, “a football academy will be established up at the University of Karachi, fresh talent will be unearthed through talent search programmes in every province, and we are focused on sports sectors under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s supervision.”

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