KABUL, Afghanistan (AFP) – The Taliban are getting closer to international recognition, but any concessions made by Afghanistan’s new rulers will be on their terms, according to the regime’s foreign minister.

Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi also urged Washington to free Afghanistan’s assets to assist ease a humanitarian catastrophe in his first interview after returning from meetings with Western powers in Oslo.

No country has legally recognised the government that was created when the Taliban seized power in August, following the withdrawal of US-led forces after a 20-year occupation.

However, late Wednesday, Muttaqi told AFP that Afghanistan’s new leadership were gradually earning international support.

“In terms of earning recognition,” he continued, “we’ve gotten closer to that aim.”

“That is our right, as well as the Afghans’ right. We shall continue to fight for our rights in politics until we obtain them.”

Last month’s negotiations in Norway were the first time the Taliban had met on Western soil in decades.

While Norway stated that the meeting was not meant to provide the radical Islamist party legal status, the Taliban have claimed otherwise.

Muttaqi said that his government was actively engaging with the foreign community, a clear sign of gaining acceptance, he claimed.

He stated, “The international community wants to interact with us.” “We’ve had a lot of success in that area.”

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