ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Asad Umar, Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Planning, stated on Sunday that the people of Pakistan support Prime Minister Imran Khan and suggested that he conduct new elections to let the opposition know where the people stand.

He told a crowd in Islamabad that the rulers with illegitimate money were unable to lift their eyes and speak, but Imran Khan bravely pleaded the case of Islam at the United Nations.

Asad Umar claimed that Imran Khan is conducting a Pakistani war in which the country’s citizens may make their own judgments.

He stated that while we desire good ties with everyone and are willing to work together in peace, we are not ready to become slaves. He claimed that Imran Khan has effectively elevated the voice of the Ummah against Islamophobia.

The minister said, “Fazlur Rehman claims Biden is the world’s leader; listen, Fazlur Rehman, Biden is your leader, not ours.”

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