LAHORE – Hania Aamir is a skilled Pakistani actress who has built a reputation for herself in a short amount of time. When Hania Aamir began her career in show business, she was far too young. Hania has carved out a substantial role for herself in the mainstream media, and she now plays key lead parts. All of the major studios want to cast her. Aalia Bhatt, a Bollywood actress, is frequently likened to her. Fans have compared her to Alia Bhatt from Pakistan.

In an interview with a local news source, the actress recently spoke up about it, and Hania Aamir stated, “Alia Bhatt is a megastar,” according to the Mere Humsafar actor. “When people make analogies between us, it makes me pleased.

Aside from that, Hania had recently replicated Aalia Bhatt’s Gangu Bai advertising method, wearing a white outfit similar to Aalia Bhatt and reaching out to the public in a car. She was on the car and, like Aalia, was waving her hands to the crowd. Her fans observed this as well, and many said she was mimicking Gangu Bai’s style. Many people likened her to Aalia Bhatt.

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