Following his reappointment as Minister of Information and Broadcasting in April, Fawad Chaudhry promised a comprehensive makeover of PTV.

In addition to upgrading the channel to high HD, Chaudhry is assisting budding filmmakers in entering the profession.

While the rebuilding of PTV News is well underway, the minister is now focusing on the network’s sports and entertainment programmes.

With this announcement, Chaudhry has launched a new series based on the lives of Mizra Ghalib and Mughal Emperor Babur. Uzbekistan will collaborate on the production of the play.

“After PTV News, we’re redesigning PTV Sports and Entertainment,” he explained.

“In collaboration with Uzbekistan and Pakistan, PTV will produce an ambitious drama series on [Mughal ruler] Babar and poet Mirza Ghalib,” he said on Twitter on Tuesday.

Chaudhry’s post comes after Pak-Turk Entertainment launched a new series based on the storey of Salahuddin Ayyubi, a renowned Muslim fighter.