KARACHI – The video of Pakistani actress Nadia Khan meeting Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) member Sindh Assembly Sharmila Farooqui’s mother has gone viral on social media. Nadia may be seen in the video questioning Sharmila’s mother about her make-up and clothing choices.

The actress asks the politician’s mother about her make-up talents and who picks her clothing using her phone camera. Nadia continued by asking who helped her get dressed and if she applied her own makeup. Shermila’s mother admitted to the actress that she had done it herself. She also stated that she learned make-up techniques from her daughter when questioned. While the actress liked the way she got dressed up every time, she was also showered with praises on how gorgeous she looked.

Sharmila later commented to the video, saying, “She is a shameless lady, I’m formally reporting her to cybercrime.”

The video plainly angered the PPP member of the Sindh Assembly. Nadia Khan also responded to Sharmila Farooqui’s claim that she had done nothing wrong.

“There isn’t anything wrong with this. I haven’t asked any inappropriate questions, and I haven’t done anything inappropriate. “Stop being so harsh with me,” Nadia remarked.

Earlier in 2010, actress Nadia Khan faced legal action as a result of a video that aired on her show. The Dubai authorities had banned Nadia’s show because it showed a video of actress Noor and her ex-private husband’s feud.

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