ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday categorically announced that Pakistan would not downgrade its relationship with all-weather friend China despite pressure, Channel News reported.    

In an exclusive interview with China Global Television Network today, PM Imran said that Pakistan and China have glorious history of seven-decade old strong bond between the people of the two countries, adding that no pressure can change or downgrade the relationship.

“Whatever will happen, our relationship between the two countries — no matter what pressure is put on us — is not going to change,” he stressed.

He said that it is very unfair of the United States (US) and western countries to assert pressure on countries like Pakistan to choose sides and downgrade their relationship with China.

He maintained that China has always stood by Pakistan in difficult times on all matters, including economic and political fronts at the international forums. That is why the people of Pakistan have special place in their heart for their Chinese friends, the prime minister added.

Imran Khan said Pakistan wants cordial relations with all countries without taking sides of anyone. Responding to a question, PM Imran said that a strange and great power rivalry took place which everybody knew. It could create problems. The US formed a regional alliance called ‘Quad’ including India and couple of other countries, he added.

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