LAHORE: Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday wrapped up a 55-year-old land dispute and decided in favour of the purchaser, NEWS reported.

According to details, a land dispute erupted between Paras Khan and Muhammad Iqbal in 1964 over a 20-Kanal land. The applicant in the case agreed to sell his land and signed an affidavit for the sale of land.

However, he later refused to hand over the possession of the land and the matter was challenged in a court of law.

The trial court decided in favour of the purchaser while keeping in view the testimonies and evidence submitted before it.

The seller later challenged the decision in the Lahore High Court (LHC), pleading that the trial court decided against the facts and claimed that the purchaser had not paid any amount against the purchase of the land.

The LHC bench, however, rejected the plea and said that agreements are not only based on monetary benefits.

It is pertinent to mention here that on May 19, the Supreme Court of Pakistan issued a report on its pending cases, showing that the number of cases yet to be decided has surpassed the mark of 50,000 cases.

According to the 15-day report issued by the apex court, the number of pending cases with the SC has reached 50,658.

During the period of 16 to 30 April, 1949 cases have been filed with the apex court as it decided 364 matters. During a two-week period, the Supreme Court did not decide a single case in its Karachi and Peshawar registries.

One case was decided out of 212 filed with the apex court’s Lahore registry while the Islamabad seat of the court decided  the most 363 cases out of 1601 matters take up before it.

The report highlighted an increase of 1,385 pending cases witnessed during the period.

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