The most recent Apple iPhone 15 series may connect with other smartphones equipped with the same chip up to 60 meters away thanks to the new second-generation Ultra Wideband chip.

The “Find My” function on Apple’s new iPhone 15 series, an American multinational technology firm, enables users to locate friends who also own the same device who are in the same area.

The functionality was put to the test by Tekn√≥filo, one of the top Spanish-language blogs for news, rumors, and analysis of smartphones, tablets, and other technical devices. In this hands-on demonstration, the Precision Finding interface’s distance and direction indications are continually updated.

The demonstration displays an iPhone 15 linked to a phone that is located roughly 60 meters away, which is the distance at which Precision Finding with AirTags may be used.

The video supports Apple’s assertion that the processor used in the iPhone 15 series has a range up to three times greater than U1. The greatest range of AirTag’s Precision Finding is 10 to 15 meters, but the maximum range of the Find My function on the most recent iPhone is really approximately three times as far.