Regular faculty members at the University of Karachi have achieved a big victory by obtaining a remission for the MPhil and PhD tuition, signaling a turning point in their continuing conflict with the administration. Following a number of demonstrations and a ten-day teaching boycott organized by the teachers’ organization, it was decided to exclude teaching employees from these costs.
The university’s registrar, Prof. Abdul Waheed, officially announced this cost exemption. Notably, non-teaching personnel is also covered by this exception. Due to the continued demonstrations, around 100 instructors are refusing to educate about 46,000 pupils in both morning and evening classes.

The prompt payment of nighttime class costs and the exclusion from MPhil and PhD tuition were among the main requests made by the protesting instructors. According to a recent notification, the latter need has now been satisfied.
The letter states that faculty members would no longer be needed to pay any fees for their MPhil and PhD courses, including those for enrolment, admission, semester exams, thesis evaluations, or viva exams. This implies that the university’s professors will not incur any expenses in order to get these higher degrees.

At the University of Karachi, MPhil students used to be charged fees of Rs. 332,000, while PhD students were charged tuition totaling Rs. 407,000. In addition, the university will now pay for the costs of thesis review, including the $200 or more that each student regularly spends on payments to overseas referees.

It is important to note that in addition to receiving this ground-breaking fee remission, these faculty members would also be qualified for an exchequer allowance of Rs. 25,000 per month once they have earned their MPhil or PhD degrees.