ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – In the wake of a spike in coronavirus infections, authorities in the federal capital have shuttered nine additional schools.

This comes as the country has reported over 5,000 new illnesses in the just 24 hours. The highly transmissible omicron strain is fueling a fifth wave of COVID-19 in the country.

The District Health Officer (DHO) has ordered the urgent closure of educational institutions after 21 cases of Covid-19 were identified in nine additional government educational institutions in the federal capital amid a rise in coronavirus infections.

In addition, a notice has been issued in this respect.

According to the DHO’s letter, educational institutions that have reported the Covid case shall be shuttered immediately and will stay closed until further notice.

“Due to covid surge, Islamabad Administration has started shutting schools for a period of ten days so that contact tracing may be done and positive cases are stopped from interacting with other students,” Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqaat wrote on Twitter.

According to the source, the daily COVID-19 positive rate in Islamabad has surpassed 10%.

To prevent the virus from spreading, he claimed the municipal administration had initiated a crackdown on anyone who disobeyed government-mandated standard operating procedures (SOPs).

“Please wear masks and get everyone around you vaccinated as soon as possible,” the deputy commissioner urged.

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