RAWALPINDI-APP – According to an ANF spokeswoman, the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) apprehended two individuals from Lahore and Sargodha and found 109 kilogram of narcotics.

Details indicate that 48 kilograms of hashish were found in a vehicle during an operation by the ANF at the Salam Motorway Interchange in Sargodha.

When the accused was told to halt the vehicle close to the Kala Shah Kaku Motorway Toll Plaza, he was able to escape.

Following the accused, the ANF team apprehended him close to Salam Interchange. In order to apprehend an additional member of the gang, a barrier was erected close to Salam Interchange in Sargodha.

The drug smuggler attempted to turn around and head back toward the freeway when he noticed the ANF barrier. He hurled the cocaine packages from the car onto the grassy patch beside the road as he was being pursued. From the packs, up to 30 kg of hashish and 6 kg of opium were found.

The ANF officials detained the suspect. The accused acknowledged that they were employed by a drug trafficking organization and that they had previously smuggled narcotics into Punjab from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Under the Anti-Narcotics Act, cases have been filed against the accused, and an investigation is presently under progress.