ISLAMABAD –, The Asma Jahangir, Nayyar Bukhari, and Raja Haleem Abbasi factions won the annual elections of the Islamabad High Court Bar Association (IHCBA).

Following the end of the counting process in the High Court Bar Association elections, Ali Azad was elected President with 785 votes, defeating his challenger Hameed Khan Bhatti of the Hameed Khan party, who received 490 votes.

Nusrat Parveen won the position of Additional Secretary with 776 votes, while Shahin Akhtar placed second with 484 votes.

In the contest for Joint Secretary, Nadeem Akhtar Joiya won with 674 votes, defeating his challenger Hammad Saeed Dar, who received 577 votes.

Rana Ali Raza won the contest for Library Secretary with 718 votes, while Rana Ali Amaar finished second with 530.

Following the High Court Bar Association elections, Ali Azad, Nasrat Parveen, Nadeem Akhtar Joiya, and Rana Ali Raza took on the duties of President, Additional Secretary, Joint Secretary, and Library Secretary, respectively.