LAHORE (Web Desk) – 15,105 new infections of conjunctivitis have been reported in Punjab during the previous 24 hours, which represents a considerable increase in the disease’s prevalence.

According to a study released by the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, 36 districts in Punjab recorded a total of 379,690 instances of eye infection.

In the previous day, there were 916 new instances of conjunctivitis recorded in Lahore, 3,324 new cases in Bahawalpur, 1,217 new cases in Multan, 1,827 new cases in Faisalabad, and 242 new cases of eye flu in Rawalpindi.

The health authorities states that conjunctivitis often goes away on its own in eight to ten days.

It has been advised to maintain proper eye care, which includes routinely washing with clear water, protecting from the sun, and avoiding grit and filth.

To prevent the likelihood of transmission, people with eye infections should also keep their clothing and towels apart from those of others.