LAHORE – The first plane carrying 180 people has arrived in Lahore, since the latest developments in Kyrgyzstan have put the students at risk.

Flight KA-571 arrived at Lahore Airport.

Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi greeted the students at the airport, accompanied by the airport’s Chief Operating Officer and other senior officials.

Airport Manager Nazir Ahmad Khan stated that separate counters have been set up in the international arrival area for passengers arriving by airplane, and directives have also been made to the FIA for the prompt immigration of students and travelers arriving from Bishkek.

According to sources, two different aircraft will deliver 360 students who are delayed in Kyrgyzstan tomorrow, one to Lahore and the other to the capital.

Dozens of Pakistani students were injured in mob violence surrounding student dorms in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, on Friday night.

According to certain media accounts, a recent conflict between Egyptian students and local Kyrgyz residents was incorrectly placed on Pakistani students, resulting in violent attacks on their dorms in Bishkek.

The assailants forced their way into the dormitories, smashed the doors to the rooms, and tormented and harmed numerous students.