ISLAMABAD (Channel News) – Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan planned a lengthy march to Islamabad in the final week of May on Saturday.

In a video message, the former prime minister stated that the party’s central committee met today and agreed to make the announcement in the final week of May.

The PTI chairman went on to say that every Pakistani, PTI supporter or not, should march to Islamabad in the last week of May to protest the disrespect to his nation.

He stated that the most corrupt persons in the country were placed on the country as part of the foreign plot, and that 60 percent of the federal cabinet members are currently on bail.

“Shehbaz Sharif is termed the crime minister,” he stated, adding that his [family’s] corruption charges totaling Rs40 billion are pending with the FIA and NAB.

Letter to the President, CJP’s

Earlier today, Imran Khan issued a letter to President Arif Alvi and the Chief Justice of Pakistan requesting a probe into the communication reportedly made by the Pakistani envoy containing US threats.

The ex-prime minister stated that the CJP and president had copies of the cypher delivered to then-Pakistani ambassador Asad Majeed Khan by US Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu.

“As expressed in the most recent cabinet meeting, the PTI administration believes the contents of the cypher plainly reveal a regime change conspiracy to remove Imran Khan from the position of Prime Minister,” the letter read.

It went on to say that the vote of no-confidence against the PTI chairman was “manufactured,” citing the “changing loyalties of the former government’s associated parties” and the “buying of loyalty of some PTI members.”

Following that, he asked the CJP and the president to “at least review the cypher which plainly indicated to a foreign regime change scheme” and order an investigation into it.

Imran has asked the Supreme Court to form a panel to hold open hearings “to determine who all in Pakistan were part in this regime change plan.”

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