ISLAMABAD (Channel News) – Unidentified masked thugs barged into PTI Chairman Gohar Ali Khan’s home on Saturday and beat his son and nephew while the attorney was attending a Supreme Court hearing on his party’s election symbol “bat”.

According to reports, Gohar Ali Khan received a phone call regarding the event as the proceedings were ongoing in the courtroom.

The PTI chairman informed chairman Justice of Pakistan Qazi Faez Isa that four pickup vehicles were present at his home, where his family was harassed and expensive belongings like as a computer and papers were seized. He begged that the court excuse him temporarily.

Meanwhile the Islamabad Police later in the day stated that the DPO had visited Gohar’s residence on the instructions of Islamabad Capital City Police Officer Dr Akbar Nasir Khan.

“DPO City has met Barrister Gohar’s nephew Muhammad Yusuf and obtained preliminary information,” the capital city police said in a post on X.

“Further action will be taken after Barrister Gohar is done with the court proceedings.

“The law is equal for all and no exception will be made for anyone. If any police officer is guilty, action will be taken against him.”

The law enforcers further claimed that neither any kind of violence was done to anyone nor any documents were taken.

They further stated that the police arrived at a residence in pursuit of the wanted offenders after receiving a tip, only to discover it belonged to Gohar Ali Khan.

“It was a normal surgery. Further investigations are being conducted.”