The Supreme Court of Pakistan has begun its hearing on a suo motu notice about the country’s political situation, following the rejection of a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan by the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly.

The case is being heard in the federal capital by a five-member enlarged bench of the Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice Umer Atta Bandial.

Even though Article 69 of the Constitution prohibits intervention in parliamentary proceedings, Justice Bandial said during the previous hearing on Wednesday that what transpired on April 3 was unprecedented.

“A constitutionally supported and likely to succeed no-confidence resolution was cancelled at the last minute.”

In his arguments, PTI’s attorney Babar Awan stated that all political parties are parties in this case, with the exception of the MQM-P, PTM, Balochistan Awami Party, Jamat-e-Islami, and Rah-e-Haq parties.

“The political parties claim that Article 5 of the Constitution has labelled them traitors. Article 2 was to be interpreted by the court.”

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