KARACHI — On Wednesday, the Sindh High Court ordered the resumption of social media applications, including X (Twitter).

Chief Justice Aqeel Ahmad Abbasi, who was hearing a case against the suspension of internet access in the country, voiced his disgust with the PTA.

The PTA’s lawyer stated that the organization got instructions from the Ministry of Information to turn off internet services throughout the country on election day. The ministry forwarded a letter from the Interior Ministry in this respect.

He stated that the PTA followed the directions it got.

The chief justice questioned him about who ordered the suspension of internet connectivity on election day. What were the security concerns about the democratic process?

Chief Justice Abbasi commented that you cut down internet service and prevented individuals from running political campaigns and contesting elections.

What you said in your written response also references May 9.

You indicated May 9 in your reply. The PTA lawyer said that internet access was restored by May 16.

Later, Chief Justice Abbasi ordered the restoration of internet service and deferred the court until March 5.