LAHORE – Police have filed a harassment complaint against Tareen group MPA Khurram Laghari.

According to the information, the case No. 777/21 was filed on Amna Yaqub’s complaint under the laws of breaking into a dwelling, aerial shooting, and issuing death threats.

Plaintiff Amna Yaqub claims in the FIR that the MPA compelled her to have illicit intercourse while appearing to be unmarried and forced her to meet secretly for a year, and that Khurram Laghari also forced her to sign a marriage form.

In the FIR, the victim also said that she had complained to Laghari’s father about the issue, and that she subsequently chose to file a complaint based on his father’s suggestion.

According to the language of the FIR, after complaining to his father, MPA Khurram Laghari visited my residence, opened fire, and threatened to murder me.

Khurram Sohail Laghari is a member of the Muzaffargarh District Assembly representing Jatoi Tehsil.