LAHORE,— The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday imposed a Rs 2,000 punishment on anyone who violated the province capital’s one-way traffic regulation.

The Lahore High Court heard a case on smog prevention methods. During the hearing, the city’s Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) informed the court that more calls to the city’s 15 hotline are being made about traffic congestion caused by protesters.

The CT informed the court that there were 2,043 demonstrations and different events in Lahore over one year, including 7 big rallies that created traffic bottlenecks. He also stated that the traffic police department collaborates with TEPA and the LDA to clear encroachments.

To reduce air pollution in Lahore, the court directed responsible authorities to take stern action against those who disobeyed traffic regulations and levy a fine of Rs2000 on one-way violators.

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