SLAMABAD: Pakistan’s National Security Adviser, Moeed Yusuf, stated on Friday that the situation in Afghanistan is unstable and that Pakistan has no influence over what is going on there.
Yusuf questioned the notion that if there is no peace in Afghanistan, there will be no peace in Pakistan. He spoke before the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs at Parliament House.
Yusuf, speaking on the situation in Afghanistan, emphasised that security cannot be achieved without the presence of peace.
He said that the US troop departure from Afghanistan is more of a “psychological evacuation” than a physical one, and that Pakistan should make efforts to keep the war country stable.

He stated that the Pakistani government is developing a strategy for the country’s future, as well as plans to connect with the rest of the world in terms of growth, collaboration, and regional peace.
The national security adviser also informed the forum of the government’s border security measures for Pakistan, as well as a specific visa policy for Afghanistan, according to the national security adviser.
He also discussed Pakistan’s civil-military collaboration, claiming that difficulties that emerged in the past are no longer present.