NUREMBERG – On Monday, the famous Pakistani comedian Umer Sharif’s funeral prayers were delivered in Germany.

Umer Sharif’s funeral prayer was said in the Turkish Mosque in Nuremberg, according to the information gathered.

Umer Sharif’s corpse was returned to his family earlier today.

According to reports, the renowned comedian’s remains would be transported from Munich to Karachi through Qatar Airways following the funeral rituals. Zarrin Ghazal, the late Umer Sharif’s wife, will accompany the body to Karachi.

Jawad Umer, Umer Sharif’s son, said his father’s burial will be place at the Shrine Hazrat Syed Abdullah Shah Ghazi, with the body being picked up from his father-in-home law’s in Gulshan and funeral prayers being performed at Umer Sharif Park in Clifton.

Umer Sharif, a famous Pakistani comedian, died a day earlier at the age of 66 after a protracted illness.

Three days after his stay in Germany, the artist was scheduled to start his travel to the United States (US) for medical treatment today.

On September 29, Umer Sharif was taken to a hospital in Nuremberg, Germany, when his health deteriorated on a journey to the United States.

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